Continuity and efficiency for your production

Assistance and spare parts

Customer service is one of our priorities. Assistance is an essential part of our products: to ensure the continuity of work of the machines, any problem must be resolved promptly. For this reason we have formulated three assistance plans to satisfy every type of need.
In case of problems with our machines, we provide a free remote assistance and consulting service.


In case of problems with our rotational printing machines, we provide a free remote assistance and consulting service.

Customized assistance plans

We offer customized assistance plans with a fixed annual price. These plans are ideal for companies with large workloads, that want to be sure of prompt assistance at a competitive price in order to minimize time and inconvenience caused by any technical problems.


We are also able to carry out repairs, build or supply and install spare parts. Depending on the type of intervention we can also operate at your factory or work on the machines at our workshop.

Free assistance under warranty

To obtain free assistance during the agreed warranty period for the machines we invite you to book a technical intervention online, using the form below.
Shortly after the booking we will give you confirmation on the availability of a technician.

Custom assistance plans

For information and to get a quote on our personalized service plans, you can request a quote directly online. To obtain a faster quotation, please specify, if possible, the model of the machine, the date of installation and the frequency of use.
Our service plans are ideal for companies with large workload rotational presses. At a pre-established fixed cost you will always have the necessary assistance or in any case the quickest solution for any problem.

Assistance and spare parts

If you are unsure of the type of assistance required or are looking for spare parts, you can contact us via this form. A technician will call you back as soon as possible.