Construction of a new flame arrester

10 March 2023

RIMA-TEAM, thanks to the internal carpentry department, directly produces the structure and various components of its roto-moulding machines. Direct production allows us to verify the quality standard of the parts even at construction level and guarantees the possibility of producing spare parts for the machines in a short time.

We are also able to produce spare parts for third-party rotomoulding machines, based on drawings or by reconstructing damaged pieces from samples, again thanks to the experience of the technical office combined with the production ability of the metal carpentry department.

Here are some stages of the creation of a new flame arrester tube in stainless steel, resistant to high temperatures, intended for an RBS 4000 shuttle rotomoulding machine.

Flame arrester entirely realized by the Rima Team metal carpentry

Flame arrester entirely realized by the Rima Team carpentry
Flame arrester welding