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In full respect of the environment, RIMA TEAM Srl designs and builds machines with low energy impact and maximum efficiency. The ECO-FRIENDLY symbol is a guarantee of added value and environmental sustainability. Building machines respecting the environment and the surrounding area means contributing to a better quality of life and business progress.


Our constant commitment to research and development allows marked improvement in energy efficiency and overall performance of the systems. The use of specific inverters, combined with work cycle management software, as well as efficient and adequate thermal insulation of the heat sources, contributes with modern high quality burners an optimal energy efficiency and savings on business costs compared to older machines generation.


RIMA TEAM offers and guarantees a high quality and efficient product.


RIMA TEAM S.r.l. designs and builds rotomoulding machines and accessories for the world of rotational molding.

Our staff boasts twenty years of experience in the sector and our proven professionalism will allow us to be not only the supplier, but your ideal partner who will accompany you throughout the life cycle of the machines.

Discover the advantages that only RIMA-TEAM can offer.


our values

Customer satisfaction is our top priority
Recognition of the fundamental role of our employees for the company’s success
The creation and maintenance of an innovative work enviroment
Constant training of our employees.
Correct relationships and partnerships with raw material suppliers
Long-term customer service guarantee

our Team

The RIMA-TEAM staff boasts decades of experience in the sector, guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and competence.

Choosing RIMA-TEAM as your partner for rotomoulding means being followed by a team of experts who can advise and assist you throughout the life cycle of the machine: from design to after-sales assistance.

Enrico Rimoldi
Massimo Pizzarelli
Sales Manager Italy
Nadia Mancini
Giorgia Martinoli
Suppliers Relationship
Claudia Gaslini
Customers Relationship
Maurizio Brambilla
Technical Office
Engineer Alessio Toma
Technical Office
Marcos Espinoza
Production Manager
Aldo Trianti
Social & Communication
Engineer Giorgio Braglia
Software and Electronics Engineering
Marco Trentino
Electronic Technician
Alberto Mara
Technical support
Oscar Bernal
Warehouse Management
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suppliers relationship

Our high quality standards are also possible thanks to a careful choice of suppliers, who over time have proven the ability to provide high quality parts and accessories on a continuous and punctual basis.

The traceability and certification of the products are a guarantee of a constant and incisive presence in the after-sales service as well as a quick replacement service and online assistance.